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We get things moving!

The company is specialized in providing our customers with a full range of services all around electrical motors and generators. Located in Bremerhaven, Germany, a staff of approx. 70 employees and a comprehensive capacity of in-house machinery ensure an exceptionally high degree of availability, efficiency, and the quickest possible implementation of your orders.  Several projects can be worked on in parallel without creating additional bottlenecks.

Whenever and wherever a problem may occur: our engineers and technicians are there for you - worldwide and around the clock, assisting you in troubleshooting generator systems, electrical drives, and other electrical equipment.  Furthermore, our expert team is ready to assist you during inspection and maintenance tasks on all types of electric drives or voltage levels; on-site at your facilities or in our factory.

We especially place a high value on rapid and straight forward teamwork. We care from the first time we speak on the phone; we care and ensure the implementation is done properly, up to the professional documentation and with as little questions as possible. Ideally, you will only have to work with one contact person who will organize all aspects of your order.  We are reliable, and we always provide that personal touch - this has earned us absolute trust from our customers.

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Your Contact persons

Torsten Campen, Chief Executive Officer
Carsten Gernhoff, Chief Executive Officer
Jens Engelken, Staatl. geprüfter E-Techniker Vertrieb
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