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"Full steam ahead" for regenerative, conventional, and nuclear power plants

In the past decades the topics of power and energy generation have experienced fundamental changes with respect to the evaluation of efficiency, environmental safety, sustainability, and much more. It is not our place to judge what is right and what is wrong; however, we are all pulling together when it comes to the trouble-free and safe operation of your systems. And this is what we specialize in.

Our industry focus encompasses repair services for wind power systems (on-shore and off-shore), biogas power plants, nuclear, coal, and thermal power plants. As a specialist, we have all the necessary certifications, and we work very flexibly to ensure the high availability for your system.

What makes us so special in the
power plant industry?

  1. High degree of availability thanks to our dedicated staff and extensive factory capacities.
  2. A multifaceted knowledge of the industry and multi-disciplinary know-how enables us to find new solutions to a problem.
  3. Detailed, unambiguous documentation and the generation of informative history of the machinery.
  4. Our company in Bremerhaven is renowned for its high-level network of experts in the wind power industry.
  5. We act swift, and we are proficient and reliable.

Your Contact persons

Michael Jendro, Geschäftsführer
Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Gernhoff, Betriebsleitung QMB FASI
Jens Engelken, Staatl. geprüfter E-Techniker Vertrieb
E-Check Fachbetrieb
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert