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D-27576 Bremerhaven

Tel. +49 471 148-0

Industry experts that can assist you regardless of the system's manufacturer

Smooth production runs are the Alpha and Omega of your manufacturing facility, while we, "E+A", take care of the maintenance and repair of your electric motors and generator systems. Especially highly mechanized and automated systems require fast and superior service in case of a breakdown.

We work in the paper and food industries, in mechanical engineering as well as in facilities where technical gases or wastewaters are used. Our services range from project planning for low-voltage switchgear to instrumentation and control as well as service on electric motors and special drive systems.

What makes us so special in the industry?

  1. High flexibility in the procurement of spare parts and our close cooperation with numerous suppliers.
  2. Repair and maintenance work regardless of the system's manufacturer.
  3. Comprehensive technical expertise (even across various industries), which allows us to provide all the necessary services from a single source.
  4. We specialize in difficult cases: Where other companies have reached their absolute limits, this is where our work starts.
  5. We act swift, and we are proficient and reliable.

Your Contact persons

Michael Jendro, Geschäftsführer
Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Gernhoff, Betriebsleitung QMB FASI
Jens Engelken, Staatl. geprüfter E-Techniker Vertrieb
E-Check Fachbetrieb
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert